We have expertise in the integration of mapping technologies in the area of natural resource and environmental monitoring.

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Map and image data in both vector and raster formats can be merged with statistical information to facilitate mapping, modeling and decision making for applications such as forest management, ecological impact, hazardous waste assessment, urban planning and map revision. Emphasis is placed on developing digital technologies for the integration of photogrammetric and remote sensing data with land and geographic information systems (LIS/GIS).
  • Remote Sensing: Digital image data recorded by satellite and high altitude aircraft sensor systems are analyzed on the CRMS image processing systems. Research interests include the automatic generation of digital elevation models (DEMs) and other map products and the extraction of intelligent information from multisensor data sets. Specific applications include assessments of wetland vegetation, ecological succession, tropical forests and landforms.
  • Digital Photogrammetry: Both traditional and softcopy photogrammetric techniques are employed with close range, aerial and satellite images to obtain X, Y, Z coordinates of objects ranging from buildings to landforms, and to produce digital orthophotos and detailed topographic and thematic maps. Research is directed toward developing innovative photogrammetric techniques for GIS applications that include the use of the NAVSTAR satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) and applications of digital image data.
  • Software Development: The interactive capture, manipulation and display of digital map and image data are required for most of the projects undertaken by the CRMS. Computer software developed for these tasks include routines for digitizing, plotting, coordinate transformation and graphic display of map and image data. Programs prepared by the CRMS for digital image processing/mapping tasks (Desktop Mapping System (DMS) may be purchased at reasonable prices from third party vendors.