Mission, vision and values

CGR Building

The Center for Geospatial Research is committed to promote geographic thinking and the application of geospatial technology in interdisciplinary research, education, and public service.

We apply our history of expertise in remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS, geovisualization, and field surveys to uncover the spatial aspect of projects and research. Our internationally recognized work in natural and cultural resources, terrain analysis, and spatiotemporal modeling addresses critical and contemporary issues in human and environment relationships.

CGR values competence, knowledge, achievement, community, teamwork, integrity, creativity and diversity. The center supports personal and professional growth, recognizes individual and group achievements and is devoted to advancing geospatial technologies and their application. Some of our values are found below:

  • We are committed to conducting projects and research at our highest ability and promote the personal and professional growth of staff and students. We acknowledge individual and group achievements and seek to exceed expectations when using or promoting geospatial technologies applied to solving problems facing society.
  • We contribute to our community and have partnered with multiple groups in our University, city and county, being a critical asset in applied projects using geospatial tools. Our Center maintains a respected reputation in understanding and representing natural and man-made environments using multiple technologies.
  • We value participation and initiative. We promote an environment of partnership and support, respecting the contribution of each individual. We recognize personal and professional success, as well as our responsibility in mentoring and forming well qualified professionals.
  • Our field requires continuous improvement and innovation while developing and applying methods to answer geospatial related questions. We value creativity and encourage individuals to contribute with their formulations, approaches and solutions when faced with geospatial challenges.
  • We value diversity in geographic thinking and promote the participation and inclusion of multiple groups, cultures and points of view. Our Center recognizes that the values above can only be achieved through an inclusive environment and the contribution of individuals from multiple backgrounds.