Introduction to Google Earth Engine Workshop

Dr. Sergio Bernardes, from The Center for Geospatial Research, is offering a workshop on processing very large geospatial datasets using distributed computing in the cloud. The workshop will be a hands-on introduction to Google Earth Engine, a free planetary-scale platform for Earth science data and analysis. Attendees will learn how to access and process a multi-petabyte catalog of remotely-sensed imagery (multiple sensors) and other geospatial datasets, including climate data. Applications include the characterization of areas of interest, change detection, mapping trends, and the quantification of differences on the Earth’s surface at local, regional and global scales.


Analyses are based on user-developed and/or shared algorithms to access Earth Engine’s application programming interface (we will be using javascript for that) and can be managed from a simple browser interface. Processing is done in the cloud and tasks are automatically parallelized to run simultaneously on multiple CPUs across many computers in Google’s data centers.


Workshop: Applying a planetary-scale computational platform to answer Earth science questions: cloud processing of environmental datasets using Google Earth Engine

Date/time: Tuesday, January 31 2017, 11:30-2:00 pm

Click this link to access a pdf with exercises used in the workshop.