Mapping and Ocean Color Imager – MOCI

The Mapping and Ocean Color Imager, or MOCI, is our second CubeSat. We are developing several novel technologies for Low Earth Orbit

The primary of mission of the MOCI cubesat is to perform structure from motion (SfM) in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and generate 3D point clouds of large scale structures on the Earth’s surface. This will be the first time a CubeSat has specialized in building 3D models using structure from motion. Researchers can use this data to make better predictions about climate models, environmental impacts, measure natural resources, and distinguish geographical changes over time.

The Small Satellite Research Laboratory is developing unique algorithms for the analysis of the analysis of SfM in LEO. We are also experimenting with the development of improved on-board compression algorithms that can integrate with the CCSDS standard (see the 2003 CCSDS standard for more information).

The secondary mission of the MOCI cubesat is to gather ocean color data from Low Earth Orbit and track the health of the Georgia coast. This data will help researchers better assess how climate change is effecting the Georgia coast. It may also be possible to use MOCI’s SfM capabilities to detect the relative change in water level of various coastlines and lakes.