Littoral Mapping

Assessment of Multimodal Data for Coastal Feature Extraction

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and CRMS are collaborating on a project to assess a wide variety of commercial image and map data (aerial photographs, satellite images, lidar, maps, etc) in order to evaluate their suitability for extraction of coastal features in the Littoral Warfare Data (LWD) environment.  As the mission of NIMA evolves, there is an expanding need to produce accurate, special purpose maps rapidly and efficiently.

Prototype Large Scale LWD Map Product

Prototype Large Scale LWD Map Product

Ikonos Panchromatic

Ikonos panchromatic satellite image (1 m resolution)

The primary objectives of this project are to determine the LWD features likely to be extractable from image data; define the minimum number of image and other data sources required to compile LW data; develop efficient GIS data structures to permit maps of varying scales, levels of detail and content to be produced from a single large data base.

Color infrared mosaic

U.S. Geological Survey color infrared (CIR) aerial photo mosaic (1 m resolution)

LiDAR derived elevation and relief

LiDAR derived image showing elevation and relief (3 m resolution)