Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Carl 3D scene

3D model generated from ortho-rectified imagery draped over a USGS digital elevation model and park building polygons extruded from it's surface

The CGR, NPS and NatureServe worked to develop a geographic database of forest communities for several national parks in the Southeast, including the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (CARL).

The polygons delineating vegetation communities are manually interpreted from 1:12,000 scale color-infrared aerial photographs in conjunction with inventory analyses from NatureServe field plots within the Park. Polygons are then converted to a GIS database using ESRI ArcView and ArcGIS.  The final map products consist of a registered color infrared orthophoto and vegetation map.  Vegetation community classes were developed in cooperation with NatureServe.

Carl-Infrared orthophoto

Color Infrared Digital Orthophoto of CARL showing park boundary and 100 m UTM grid


Vegetation map for CARL