Light-Use Efficiency Maps

By Sergio Bernardes

Percentages of maximum light-use efficiency show how biome-based maximum efficiency of light use during photosynthesis was constrained by minimum temperature and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). These images indicate how weather conditions affected photosynthesis by regulating chemical reactions inside leaves and by controlling leaf gas exchange through stomata. Light-use efficiency images support multiple ecophysiological studies, including investigations related to primary productivity estimation, biomass accumulation and the role of ecosystems on climate change.

The images below represent modeled percentages of maximum light-use efficiency for the period May to August (growing season) in the Southeastern United States. The time series spans the period 2000-2012 and is currently being generated using climate and MODIS data by Sergio Bernardes at the Center for Geospatial Research. Click on an image for full resolution.

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