Small Satellite Research Laboratory

Mapping and Ocean Color Imager – MOCI


The Mapping and Ocean Color Imager (MOCI) mission will acquire imagery of the Earth’s surface from LEO and perform real time Structure-from-Motion (SfM) at a landscape scale. The MOCI mission will also identify and map coastal phenomena such as sediment plumes and algal blooms while training students in STEM related fields. Efficient data compression, transmission, and SfM processing techniques of space based imagery will be performed on board the spacecraft.





SPectral Ocean Color satellite – SPOC

The Spectral Ocean Color(SPOC) shall use multispectral and hyper spectral remote sensing to image vegetation health, primary productivity, ocean productivity, sediment, and organic matter. The mission will 1)monitor the health and productivity of coastal wetlands, 2)map coastal and estuarine water quality, and 3)create 3D terrain models of the Earth surface. SPOC shall use multispectral moderate resolution imaging products to monitor coastal wetlands status, estuarine water quality including wetland biophysical characteristics and phytoplankton dynamics, and near-coastal ocean productivity using image data between 400 and 800 nm.


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