SPectral Ocean Color (SPOC) – CubeSat

The primary objective of this mission is to perform the first moderate resolution multispectral analysis of the following phenomenon from Low Earth Orbit: Vegetation Heath, Primary productivity, Ocean productivity, Near-coastal Sediment, Organic Matter, and mapping the production of Shelf waters and Salt marshes.

The secondary objective is to build a unique Georgia coastal imagery library that aggregates and classifies all gathered data from SPOC.

SPOC is built, developed, and operated by students. It will be launched to and deployed from the International Space Station in 2018.

SSRL students and faculty talking with Roger Hunter at the NASA AMES booth during the 30th Annual Small Sat Conference in Logan Utah. Pictured from left to right: Hollis Neel, Graham Grable, Megan LeCorre, Roger Hunter (Small Spacecraft Technology Program Manager), David Cotten, Khoa Ngo, Paige Copenhaver, Nirav Ilango, Helena Bales, and Caleb Adams